4ringsWelcome to the Pinnacle Group!

Team Mission:  We are building a family of positive, progressive entrepreneurs who are discontent with mediocrity and want to change their lives.  This worthy goal is accomplished by fulfilling our quest to change the broken legal system in North America, giving every family who wants for it, true “Equal Justice For All”.   We will not stop fighting for our cause until every member of this team is living their dreams and is in total control of their lives.

There is nothing that can stop a unified team on a mission to change our own world.  If you:

  • are sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • want to build a future for yourself
  • want your life back
  • want to be financially free, and have real wealth
  • want to retire on residual income
  • like helping others
  • are interested in becoming a bigger, better person
  • choose not to settle for mediocrity
  • yearn for greatness, and the respect of others

… you are in the right place, at the right time!

Team Pinnacle, led by Brian Carruthers and dozens of incredible, earth-shaking  leaders, is a crusade against status quo.  Where you are today does not have to equal your future.  “If you are willing to do today what others won’t do, you can have tomorrow what others won’t have.”  If you are willing to step up and put forth the effort required, your life in 5 years will be the dream life you have only imagined when your eyes were closed.  Don’t just come along for the ride… be the fuel that fires the engine of this crusade.  Become a leader and take charge, we need your help.  We will accomplish great things as a team, and for that we are a blessed family!

Your Partner & Friend,

Brian Carruthers