Portland, Maine

I started my LegalShield business in my spare time as a stay-at-home mom with two children who were one and four.  After I resigned from teaching, going from 2 incomes to one income was rough for my husband and me.  I was living my dream of being at home with my kids, but we had no money to do fun family things or go places!  In fact, my husband was working long hours and we were getting further behind!


For years, I was a happy member just telling people about the service.  Then I found out I could actually start my own business and get paid incredibly well for it. I made over $600 immediately when I got started and I was excited!  Now I am blessed to make $100,000+ and enjoy lots of time with my family.  We have been to Riviera Maya, Cabo, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the Caribbean, Orlando, Sarasota, Palm Springs, a yacht in Chicago—all kinds of luxury vacations because of LegalShield!  Before LegalShield, our vacations usually involved camping, because that is what we could afford…and we paid for them. 


Personal development and mentorship we receive in LegalShield has been a life changer. Because of it, I decided to be absolutely, unwaveringly consistent about “2 exposures a day.” My kids have grown up with me volunteering in their classrooms, cheering for them in their sports and activities, building an asset that pays amazing money on my own terms from home. They have often been a part of helping me meet great prospects while we are out and about. Words cannot express how grateful I am for our joyful life and the opportunities LegalShield has afforded us.