Portland, Maine

My LegalShield career began as a spare time endeavor that I saw as a vehicle that would allow me to stay at home and raise our two children. After teaching school for 10 years, I resigned from teaching when my husband and I started our own family. I wanted to be full time at home giving 100’% of my energy to my own little ones. Financially, it was a major challenge for us, and I had started reading books and listening to audios to learn about building wealth and saving, investing, and money in general. Not long before we had children, our financial advisor had introduced us to this membership so we could get our wills done. I spent years telling people about the service and then found out that I could actually start my own business, share the information and get paid incredibly well for it. Well, after making over $600 when I first got started, without any training or prior business experience, I was excited. However, I did not want to give up my dream of being full time mom to my children. My initial goal was to just make a few hundred extra dollars here and there and only really get started once my children were in school. My sponsor was patient and gave me a whole lot of praise and encouragement for each little step I took. With pleasantly persistent invitations from my sponsor, I decided that I would try to attend a business briefing here and there. I attended sporadically, he would introduce me to inspiring Associates who would share their story and I began building my business slowly in baby steps. Pretty soon it was I who was being asked to share my story and others began telling me I was inspiration to them! Performance Club was a big motivator for me and I began qualifying for the bonus. I reached the level of Executive Director even before my children had both started in school.

Personal development has been such a life changer for me. I began to figure out how to be healthy-minded, happy and positive and build my business very part time. I think I added each of the 10 Core Commitments one commitment at a time, starting with committing to personal development, and that seemed to help everything else take care of itself. Truly, consistency has been the reason for my success. I decided to be absolutely, unwaveringly consistent about “2 exposures a day.” My kids have grown up with me there for them every step of the way, volunteering in their classrooms, cheering for them in their sports and activities, building an asset that pays amazing money on my own terms from home. They have often been a part of helping me meet great prospects while we are out and about. Words cannot express how grateful I am for our joyful life and the opportunities LegalShield has afforded us.