Leverage and Retention

Retention is the lifeblood of your residual income. Download this training presentationby Brian Carruthers regarding the importance of leverage and retention in your business. Click on the image to the left to download it to your computer. (Mac users, hold CONTROL and click on the image, then select “Save Link As” and choose a destination to save the file.)




Alan Fearnley Dallas Leadership Summit Presentation

Watch as President Alan Fearnley reveals the results of many months’ worth of marketing data and reveals the name of our new company as well as the marketing strategy moving forward. Click the photo to download the file. To watch the streaming presentation, click here.




Ηow To Use LegalShield Flipbook 


Platinum Executive Director and Millionaire Club Member Darnell Self walks Associates through how to use the new flip book presentation for optimal resultsTo watch the streaming presentation, click here.




YES is in Your Future!

As you seek your “YES” responses to LegalShield, realize that you’ll inevitably encounter “no’s” — closed doors, setbacks and disappointments. It’s easy to grow discouraged and give up when we face these times; but, it is after the “no’s” in life that a “yes” will eventually come. Listen to this powerful audio file from Joel Osteen and get ready for the YES in your life!  To listen to the file, click here. You can also right-click this link to download it.




Long Distance Package Training

The sending out of a long distance package is one of the 10 Core Commitments of our company. Every associate needs to understand the value of creating a business that spans geography. Brian In this video, Brian Carruthers shares tips on how to best utilize this tool.







Becoming Good at Something

From afar, we think famous people and professionals were naturally talented. You don’t do something after you know you are good at it. Everyone has fears and doubts, but it’s about persistence. Gutting it out despite those fears and then eventually the anxiety goes away and make you leaps and bounds in your profession.