We are professional clowns who live in Katy, Texas. We have two wonderful grown children, Jamie, our daughter, and Chris, our son.

We were actually in another networking company for 17 years and the most we ever made was $300 – two months in a row. Actually, we didn’t really make that, because once you subtracted the cost of the products, we really just broke even for those two months. The rest of the time, we lost money every month.

When LegalShield came along, we were pretty burned out on doing any type of home-based business opportunity. But what was different about LegalShield was the service. We knew we needed to get our wills done and we were concerned about being sued. Roly is a juggler and once in a while he drops his juggling clubs on people. So, we figured that since the service was so awesome and had such a low price, we would tell people about it. Why not get paid for what we planned on doing anyway?

Our first month we just showed the dvd to a few family members and friends and we made $2,400! We were completely blown away by this and we decided to keep on going!

We now have an awesome team that we are very proud of and very thankful for! You all can be Executive Directors and WAY BEYOND!

We want to thank our special cheerleading team consisting of: our mothers: Blanca Gutierrez and Altha Ness. Our patient children, Jamie and Chris; Becki Barker our great friend and prayer warrior, and our supportive and encouraging fathers, Oscar Gutierrez, Sr. and David Brown.

Mr. Brian Carruthers has been a great mentor and friend who has helped us immensely along the way. And, we have to thank Jesus Christ for this opportunity and our success. Without Him, we would not be here. We give Him all the glory!