I just returned from speaking at 4 events in Southern California. Wow, is there success all over out there. People driving expensive cars, wearing expensive things, living it up. I call them BALLERS. They work hard, play hard (except for those who inherited it). It made me think… maybe we can all stretch a bit for bigger success. Here’s what I came up with.

BALLERS CLUB – week of July 15-22, 2012 ONLY

Any Team Pinnacle LegalShield Associate who recruits 5 new associates in these 7 days will get:

1. Featured with their picture on our team website
2. A ride in my new 2012 BENTLEY GT-Convertible and pictures
3. Dinner on me (spend time, ask questions)
4. I will persoanlly do a PCC for you

More importantly, you will realize that recruiting several people at once is 100x better than recruiting them spread out over months. It creates synergy, excitement, momentum. That’s how you get to six figures and beyond. Who wants to, and will recruit 5 this week?

Much Success to YOU,

Brian Carruthers

PS – Email me if you plan to do this, along with HOW you plan to get it done.












Jim Shelvy, Alex Shahid, Kevin Mohler