In 2007, I was a college student trying to figure out my life and figure out what I wanted to do. I come from a family of doctors and I realized that wasn’t a path for me. I have the utmost respect for them but I just couldn’t see myself being a doctor. So I started on this journey to find something that resonated with my heart and purpose.

In March 2007, my parents called me and invited me to learn about this opportunity. I was extremely hesitant and skeptical but I went because it was my parents asking. When I saw that presentation on LegalShield, I immediately decided to come on board. It just made too much sense. I’m also the type where my mind went to “I have to do this. This is not like anything I’ve seen before and I don’t want to be left behind”
So I got started and I used the service for a $52 overcharge from my cell phone company. One letter from my law firm and it got resolved! That’s when I knew I found my home! And I decided I’m going to start sharing this with people. My first month I made an extra $540 which also proved to me that the money was real.

Fast forward, today my life is completely different thanks to LegalShield. We just earned the $50,000 ring and we are on track to breaking that 6 figure mark this year in 2024. More importantly, LegalShield is allowing me to build generational wealth through residual income all by helping to make “equal justice for all” a reality for the masses!