Jonathan and Karleen are an international LegalShield couple. Jonathan was born in England and Karleen in Canada. They now live in the Pacific North West in Oregon. Karleen is an elementary school teacher and is the epitome of a supportive spouse. Jonathan has worked with LegalShield since his third week after arriving in America! Prior to working with LegalShield, Jonathan retired as the UK CEO of Care for the Family (called Focus on the Family in the US and Canada). Jonathan has worked in more than 50 countries around the world and describes himself as a social entrepreneur.

Jonathan and Karleen were introduced to LegalShield by a retired county sheriff and loved the fact that they could make a living while making a difference! Jonathan often comments that working with LegalShield feels like working with a charity as the mission and purpose is so strongly centered around helping people. One aspect of the business that attracted Jonathan and Karleen was the true residual income stream that is possible working long term with the company.

Jonathan has served as a Regional Manager, Group Vice President and currently as the Business Solutions Trainer for Oregon. Jonathan loves to train and help other people succeed. Jonathan and Karleen have won six trips to exotic destinations, like Cancun, Hawaii, and Jamaica.

Jonathan and Karleen live with their two King Charles Cavaliers, Mia and Rosie, and have three grown children and three grandchildren on two continents.