Aaron Browning

Springfield, VA

I am a real estate agent by trade and ran a successful $35 million volume team in Northern Virginia. I was working hard, more than 60-hour weeks, which meant very little family or personal time. I was glued to my phone and anytime a client called, I had to jump into action immediately. I was watching my beautiful wife, Dora, post pictures of our two amazing little boys, Noah and Luke, on social media and felt as though I was missing out on them growing up.

In late 2018, I read Building an Empire by Mr. Brian Carruthers and happened to post about how great of a book it was on social media. A fellow real estate agent reached out and let me know he knew Mr. Carruthers years ago. Long story short, we attended what I now know is called an Open House with Mr. Carruthers, and I made, what I call, a blink decision and signed up on the spot!

I hit the ground running and carved out 30 minutes a day, while still running my real estate team, to work on my LegalShield business. Within five months of starting LegalShield, we decided to close our real estate team to focus on LegalShield full-time.

LegalShield offered me freedom that I did not have with real estate, and my kids have their dad back. There’s no better feeling than to be able to help protect and empower others, grow our business while also helping others grow their businesses and live our lives on our terms. All this, thanks to LegalShield.

In my first year with LegalShield, I’ve earned two Rings, which was an amazing accomplishment. I’m looking forward to the future with LegalShield.

Our goal is to help get more people “untrapped” and to help them realize true freedom. Additionally, for 2020, my goal is to earn two more Rings and to help our team earn five additional Rings.

To everyone just getting started in the business, my biggest message to you is to stick to the model, stay close to your leadership, stay plugged in and remain coachable.