Brian Carruthers

Leesburg, VA

I was 27 years old and rolling in my real estate career, making money and on top of my game. I thought I had life’s answers and was successful. Then I was introduced to the concepts of residual and leveraged income. Real estate agents have neither. As a broker, you hope to have one (leverage), but you get no residuals if you stop selling. As an employee working for someone else, you are being leveraged with neither.

I started thinking about what my dream would be, and I was not living it. I wanted more. I wanted an opportunity to earn a good income, and I also wanted to be able to enjoy it. I knew few people who had both at the same time. Then I was shown the network marketing business model. I thought I knew what it was — that it was a scam and no one made money in it. But fortunately, I did not stay close-minded. I got into network marketing and learned a lot, but I did not make any money.

This is when many people quit, fold up shop and vow never to dream the big dream of a better life again. I didn’t give up and eventually PPLSI found me. Plenty of people told me I was dumb, crazy and wouldn’t succeed. But guess what? I have demonstrated how successful you can be with this opportunity.

Show me another way or a better way to accomplish this with the same $249 start-up capital I put up. Show me another place where I could have dozens of successful people willing to spend their time to help me get where they are. Do you even have one successful person in your life who is willing to do this for you? What is their motive or incentive to help you? In PPLSI, they are rewarded for helping you succeed. PPLSI provides a better opportunity than any other home-based business. No compensation plan can touch PPLSI’s, period. I don’t have to go sell my friends overpriced products. I have integrity, and I would feel stupid doing that anyway. We have the most effective tools and a system that makes the business turnkey, so you can start building your own future that you control, incorporating leveraged efforts and residual income. Imagine getting paid every month for something that you sold one time five years ago, or in my case, 20 years ago!

Because of PPLSI, I am a stay-at-home dad with my wife, Melissa, and sons Talan, 15, Colton, 5, and Aiden, 3. I will not miss my children growing up like many parents because I can plan the schedule for my business. Last year we took the family on a cruise for New Year’s. Not only did we create lifetime memories, but we were able to continue to earn which allowed us to more than pay for the trip. How cool is that? A few months later, when COVID-19 hit, we basically stayed home for months like everyone else. The difference is, our income was not displaced because we could just keep working from home as usual.