I am a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who spent 22 years in retail management. After ending that career, I registered to go back to college and prepare for another career. I started my LegalShield business part time while going to school. I have been fortunate to transition to full time in 2015.

I was accustomed to working 50-60 hours a week and missing many family and social functions. I was often stressed and felt too busy to volunteer my time for other events. While I was generating a good salary and fortunate to have good benefits, I was living on a very average income. My family had to save up and plan vacations and trips based on coordinating requested vacation time off since my wife and I both were required to ask first and hope the dates we wanted were available.

Today, my family – my wife, Penny, and our children, Brittany and Andrew — enjoy the freedom to stop stressing about making time for social and volunteer functions and taking vacations. And LegalShield has awarded us FREE trips to Jamaica and Cancun. LegalShield allows me to work from where ever and whenever I want. I can be at home in shorts on the deck or meeting a client in another city.

In mid-2012, I was approached by a guy whom I had met one time at a church-related function. He asked me to review an income opportunity. After not doing anything, he convinced me to take a few minutes and watch a video. I agreed to start part time while I went back to college as a 42-year old. I had the initial belief I could be a Business Solutions seller and generate a good supplemental income.

After talking to some very respected business owners and friends about the services and getting their commitment to take a closer look for themselves, I felt it was not only a no-risk opportunity but also a potential steady income stream as well. I also prayed for direction and confidence in starting a business for myself, which was a desire I believe many people have also. I felt if I could be successful, it would be possible to grow in the networking side and achieve leveraged income.

LegalShield has allowed me to build a voluntary benefits agency with many. In helping or adding business associates, I don’t have to be the “boss.” I get to be the “coach or mentor.” This opportunity has changed many dynamics for our family. Everyone is now included in work planning and events. Traditionally the family could not be a part of my work functions. But we had a great time in Las Vegas during the International Convention. We spent seven days there as a vacation. LegalShield is built around family, and many other associates have become family to us.

My goal for 2016 is to double my membership sales from 2015, and grow my organization through sharing the opportunity and potential for anyone who has a desire to be better and do better for themselves. I will achieve the Special Forces recognition in 2016.

In 2013 and 2014, my mom was battling cancer, and as a single woman, she needed a solid support system around her. She had several family members and friends willing, but as a private and strong woman she was determined to do as much for herself as possible. I was so very fortunate to have LegalShield as an income source during that time. I did not have to “ask” for time off to take her to MD Anderson in Houston, Barnes Jewish in St. Louis or just to go to her doctors and treatments in our hometown. I was able to sit with her every day the last week of her life in the hospital. She would say every day, “You should be working.” And I would reply, “I am, Mom.” Four days before she passed, I showed her my commission statements to verify I had been paid every day I sat with her. Her response to me is always with me, “You must have something good with LegalShield.” Yep, Mom, and it’s still getting better every day!