Going “viral” means that the public perpetuates your message FOR you, without being compensated.

If you asked your prospects to take your company recruiting DVD or website, watch it, and then pass it on to someone they know… do you really think they will do so?  Pass along your recruiting pitch for you?  Of course they won’t.  They are not going to want to make your recruiting approaches for you.

But they WILL be willing to pass along a book that was given to them about money. If their friend will benefit from it, they will pass it along.

So this book, which you can buy for as low as $1, is not a one-and-done tool.  It is not going to be dead once you give it to one prospect.  It can actually RIPPLE out away from you into the hands of 50 prospects!!  And as long as your sticker with your website and phone number are in the back, every reader will be exposed to your business opportunity!

This can happen by doing 2 things:

1) Put the below text as a sticky label inside the back cover

2)  Say this when you give out the book:  “I am giving you this powerful Money Book under two conditions – that first you agree to spend 15 minutes to read it, and second that you PAY IT FORWARD by passing it on once you finish it to someone you would like to bless.  It’s changing my life, so will you do that and keep the ripple going?”





After reading this book,

please do your part in passing

it on to the next person.

You can impact and change many lives.

Keep this book moving.


Additional Label (your call to action:)


Take Action NOW – now what?

Information without Action does nothing.

Look into the business the author

is referring to for creating cash flow:

[your website] [Your Phone]  Make the call now!