Gerry and Sallie are in the middle of experiencing their next adventure—living on the water!
What these two successful entrepreneurs love most about their LegalShield business is that it offers them the very best gift of all—lifestyle.
When Gerry met Sallie, (sounds like a familiar movie, right?) he was actually living on his sailboat. They quickly fell in love, and Gerry promised Sallie that her life with him would never be dull.
For their honeymoon, Gerry and Sallie “bare-boat chartered” a beautiful sailing ketch in Greece and, by themselves, sailed to 17 incredible Greek islands. They had so many amazing adventures they made the decision to pick a new exotic location every year and spend a month or more sailing wherever the wind chooses to blow.
Over the years, they have cruised the south coast of France and Italy, the British, U.S. and Spanish Virgin Islands, the Leward Islands of the Caribbean, the southwest coast of Turkey, the Hawaiian Islands, the Windward Islands and the Sea of Cortez.
Most recently, they returned to the Virgin Islands for four wonderful weeks of sailing and spent another two weeks in the Dominican Republic kite surfing. WOW! This is quite a lifestyle!
But spending ONE month out of the year on the water wasn’t enough! For the last five years, it’s been Gerry and Sallie’s dream to return to living full time on the water, and LegalShield has helped make that dream a reality!
In February 2012, their vision came true when Gerry and Sallie purchased their dream yacht, SLICE of LIFE, and now they get to awake every morning ON the water!
“Running our ‘yacht-based’ business gives us control over our time and our income,” says Gerry. “You just can’t get that in any job or traditional business. No matter how much money you make at a job, someone else is always controlling your time. Sallie and I wanted both. We wanted to live life on our own terms.”
What’s so wonderful about their LegalShield business is that they have no employees to deal with, no store to run, no inventory to worry about, and none of the other hassles associated with owning a traditional business.
“This gives us the freedom to travel on our new yacht and enjoy life even though we have a large, rapidly-growing business.”
And yet, while Gerry and Sallie are sailing the oceans on the SLICE of LIFE, hundreds of people on their team continue to market LegalShield memberships to new clients as well as recruit new sales associates.
While they’ve only been with LegalShield since 2002, Gerry and Sallie have more than 35 years of network-marketing experience combined and couldn’t imagine ever having to work apart from each other. Instead of going off in separate directions to a “job” every day, they get to work side-by-side together building their dreams while supporting others in their dreams as well.