Bob & Susan Joseph

Longwood, FL

In 1979, after 8 years in the Army, Bob and Susan met on a train in Barcelona, Spain. Susan was taking a sabbatical from working as a physical therapist, and they were both in Europe seeking adventure.

After months of traveling, it was clear that we belonged together and now needed to find a way to create the excitement and lifestyle we desired.

Introduced to network marketing soon after and to LegalShield in 2010, it became clear that this business model of helping others while creating residual income could give us everything we were looking for, if we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Our backgrounds gave us a comfort level in both the business solutions and networking side of LegalShield. As Executive Directors, we were able to graduate three children from college, debt free, while still enjoying the Performance Club trips and BMW. Now we are designing the next stages of our lives and have laser focused on the freedom that a platinum lifestyle can offer us.

We realize our journey will require the burning of some of our existing boats, that’s okay, because we are on board for the long run and know that the best is yet to come.