Prior to LegalShield, I worked in various departments at BellSouth. My life was extremely busy as a mom, wife, and mature college student in addition to working 40 to 50 hours a week. In corporate, I had no time freedom, financial freedom, or flexibility.

My life took a serious turn in 1998, with the onset of health issues. That same year, I was introduced to LegalShield. The service was my saving grace. I soon was convinced that it was the most awesome opportunity in the world. I did the business with the very limited amount of time that I had and decided to quit my job in 2001, after 27 years of employment.

What I like best about this opportunity is that I can empower families with the service and opportunity. I start each day with an attitude of gratitude. Because of LegalShield, I have more time freedom, financial freedom, flexibility, and RESIDUAL INCOME. I get to create a legacy and help others to do the same. THAT EXCITES ME!  

To me, LegalShield means that I get to live life on my own terms while helping others achieve their own dreams. My goal is to have a team of prestigious ring earners. There’s no better feeling than to be able to help others grow their business and create the lifestyle we desire to live. 

I get to make a living while making a difference. I have received two prestigious income rings from the company. My husband does not do the business. However, he is a great support and loves the all-expenses-paid trips that I’ve earned. I am just getting started and living my BEST life.

I am grateful for my team, leadership/mentors, and ALL the Home Office staff. Life is EXCITING! 

I am living proof that if you are: Willing to Work, Have a Burning Desire, and are Coachable, success is inevitable…