We give all the honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is the head of our lives and the center of our joy.

Before LegalShield came into our lives, I was a retired employee of Verizon with more than 28 years of service. I also serve as an associate pastor at a local church. It’s the church my wife and I have attended since we were children and where our passion and priority have been to love and serve the Lord and His people for the last 28 years.

For more than 19 years we enjoyed a very significant income from a successful day-care business my wife established after leaving the corporate world so we could make a living and raise our own children at home. Then, unfortunately, there came a statewide change in day care requiring parents who received financial support to enroll their children in a day-care “center” as opposed to a “home” day care in order for them to continue to receive that funding. The bottom dropped out of our business, and after just a few months, we found ourselves in a financial crisis. We asked God for a miracle to replace the lost income. The next week a friend shared with us the Private Business Reception DVD. We got excited. It made sense, and it was affordable. We could not wait to get started.

Both my wife and I, along with my son, Alan III, and his wife, Joi, qualified as Executive Directors in our first 60 days in the business. We exceeded the income from our day-care business after a few months. We have traveled and stayed in wonderful resorts on the company’s all-expense-paid trips. We have been blessed to reach the Platinum Executive Director level, and in 2010, we were blessed and honored to have been recognized by the company as LegalShield ring earners.

One of our greatest joys are the relationships God has given us as we share, empower and help individuals and families with this incredible membership and business opportunity. This business has become an extension of ministry. Many of the people we have met and grown to love as family have come to know the Lord as their Savior.

I am truly humbled by what the Lord has done, and I know we could not have had this level of success without the love and support of my wife of more than 40 years, Sheila, and our wonderful children—Alan III, Jason, Keisha, Sean, and Takiya; the amazing leadership of a couple who are not only my friends and mentors but are my upline Platinum Executive Directors; along with the entire Team Freedom family; the outstanding support of an incredible New York-based core team whom we love and appreciate more than words could ever express; and our entire organization across the country. We want to thank the late Mr. Harland Stonecipher and Mrs. Shirley Stonecipher for their commitment to God, to their family and to our business. They have truly been an amazing example of servant leaders. Someone once said, “Ministry happens when divine resources meet a human need through a loving channel for the glory of God.” Hopefully my wife and I will continue to be that loving channel through which the Lord can bless. We thank God for the gift of this business which we believe is a vehicle to do even greater things for the Kingdom of God.