(Remember keep it duplicatable)

Setting up the PBR

1.   Ask each person to bring something like ice, a large bottle of pop, etc.  This way they are more committed to come.

2.   Don’t have lavish foods.  Stick with popcorn, store bought cookies, or chips & dip. Don’t change around your room.  If more show up than you can seat, then and only then bring in chairs from other rooms.  Do not have anything out on the table except applications and pens (no tools)Please no children they are too cute and will definitely distract the guests during the presentation. Turn off your phones and ask your guest to do the same.

3.   Put pets outside if possible


PBR Agenda

HOST Introduction – 2 minutes

1.     “I want to thank you for coming to our home this evening to learn what is NEW with our family.  We are very excited about our new business.”

2.  “The company that we are now representing, LegalShield, has an incredible service that we have benefited from as a family.  It has saved (or is saving) our family a lot of money.  We knew you would want to do the same as we’ve done.”

3.   Introduce the PBR DVD and the two top executives featured on it. OR if you have an expert / sponsor present…

“I want to introduce to you an Executive (Or Director or Manager) from LegalShield.  Mr./Mrs. ___________ and our family are becoming very good Friends, and I encourage you to listen to Mr./Mrs. ______________ with an open mind.”

4.   Play the PBR DVD (35 minutes)

5.   As soon as the DVD finishes (DO NOT ASK “DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?”)

6.   Immediately hand out both membership & associate applications & pens while saying  “Everyone who is going to support __________ in starting his/her new business & take advantage of the awesome membership, here is the form to complete and those who want to start earning money with us  here is the form for that.  We will help each of you get started.”

7.        If someone has questions and there is no expert in the room do a 3-way call with your upline expert so they can answer any questions, one on one, with your prospect and help you sign them.

8.   If someone will not sign at your home, however they are interested, as they are leaving for the night send them home with the DVD & Magazine, and set a follow-up.

9.   For those who join the team at your PBR, read below to learn how to super charge your business



(Don’t stop now you are on a roll.  Get you new associate off to a fast start)

  • Book your new associate’s PBR before they leave your house, since they are the most excited when the first join!
  • Give them some tools so they don’t run their mouth, and warn them not to start talking to people yet.
  • Always promote the next event (weekly meeting, training, team call)
  • Give them a starter kit (PBR DVD, magazine, Getting Started Right book, PPL & Your Future CD, and some applications)

Remember the faster you get your new assoc. results the better, so why not conduct a PBR for them right away?

P.S. The business is not about you. Introduce/ Edify your new associate to your upline