It is an honor to call myself a full-time, professional LegalShield associate. But like most, I wasn’t full time at first — and truthfully, I didn’t even see the “career” potential when I first got started. I was a second generation, 12-year practicing attorney before finding LegalShield! However, I had begun having children and was already transitioning out of law when my friend, who was the librarian at the school where I was teaching criminal justice part time, took me to lunch and showed me the membership and business opportunity.

Because I was an attorney, she was nervous to present LegalShield to me, especially when I asked her if it was “network marketing?” However, it was immediately apparent to me that no individual attorney could compete with the value of what LegalShield’s monthly, nationwide membership brings to individuals and families. So I became an associate, thinking it would be a good place refer people who were still coming to me for legal work, even though I was trying to transition out of the profession. I had no intention of doing it full time!

I was already trying to create flexibility in my schedule in order to parent more directly, and after getting started with LegalShield and realizing the potential to sustain my family, I started treating the business more seriously. Within a year, I hit the Executive Director level and went full time. And I believe the biggest growth is yet to come!
When I first learned that Harland Stonecipher’s vision was to both help every North American gain access to their rights it was a perfect match of my past and my future! In the past, as I practiced law and served non-profits and governmental entities with those skills, I was especially driven by the “cause” of empowering people with access to their rights. With LegalShield, I could meld my upbringing that led me to seek a “cause” with my future that allowed me to actualize that interest!

LegalShield gives me the tools to empower people with our membership and uplift people with our business opportunity. That is a “cause” or “mission” I can endorse for life!

I often say, what could I as an attorney have done for you for $40 or less?! Let alone for your entire family for a month nationwide? There’s no individual attorney who can compete with that value. And that kind of option is an exciting one to offer! The identity theft aspect of what we do works completely in tandem with the legal services because a lawyer is often the first thing a victim of identity theft asks for. So I’ve learned to help protect people on both fronts.

In fact, the learning I’ve undergone inside of LegalShield is immeasurable. In some ways, it rivals the formal education I endured for my former profession. In LegalShield, I’ve been exposed to the concepts of leveraged and residual income, entrepreneurship, and leadership. It continues to positively impact my life and support me in becoming a better person because I am in business for myself, while at the same time moving forward with an ever-expanding team of amazing individuals. We learn and grow together, as new horizons present themselves and are attained.

This year, the team is working hard towards new Executive Director levels — maximizing every aspect of what LegalShield makes available, from helping individuals and families to business entities and employer groups.

My two daughters, Hope-18 and Rose-16, are the greatest recipients of the rewards of those new levels of growth. Being self-employed with LegalShield allows me to work my business around my daughters’ lives. Yes, they see the sacrifice that hard work requires (such as time in my home office on the phone, one evening a week at a business briefing, and one Saturday a month at an event), but they also see the beautiful reward of flexibility that allows for my presence and involvement with them.

Thanks to LegalShield, my daughters and I have been to Cancun, the Dominican Republic, the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Lake Tahoe, Huntington Beach, Maui, and Jamaica, and there will be even more to come!

I know it can sometimes feel awkward getting started with LegalShield because it’s different than having a job. But if you can just imagine the gratitude you’ll feel towards the person who brings you the opportunity of a lifetime — that brings you flexibility with your schedule, and chances to travel and to make a difference in people’s lives — then you won’t hesitate to share this with others — because that gratitude will be towards YOU for having the courage to share!