LegalShield rewards associates for getting 5 points a month with $300-$500 a month cash bonus.

Team Pinnacle’s leader, Brian Carruthers, is adding massive additional reward that may be considered PRICELESS.

For ONLY Performance Club Qualifiers, Brian will be launching a PRIVATE training program on a monthly basis to teach financial literacy, and wealth strategies to help people eliminate debt and speed up their wealth building.  Brian has learned from his own “Rich Dad” (his father) and from Billionaire Paul J Meyer.  The money principles he has learned will be passed along to those who earn the privilege.  Brian had to earn it, so will you.  But anyone can earn it with just 5 points a month.

There will be live webinars and calls once a month, and it will be an ongoing course.  You will want to be qualified to participate every month from here on out.  You will be notified by private email when the call will be for October qualifiers.  Get excited, you are about to change your financial life forever!